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Author’s Page for Charles Moorehead

Welcome to my author’s page for the Kindle books that are currently available on the Amazon website. I believe we will be facing hard times ahead. I created these self-help books to help ordinary people to a better life. For that same reason, I have priced these books as low as possible.



If you have ever wanted to live your dreams, now is your chance. This magical book can show you how to overcome the blocking forces that may be preventing you from reaching your goals to a better life. It can help you overcome any limiting beliefs, develop desirable attitudes and traits, solve tough problems, and take decisive action on a project.

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_Avail Employ Opp_16

Are you tired of looking for a job that doesn’t exist any more? Would you like a job that uses your natural skills or talents, or that doesn’t require any experience? You can choose from 16 money making activities. One or more of these activities may be just what you would like to spend your time doing.

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_Solving Household Prob

If you have any handyman abilities or experience, you can make money by solving common household problems. These are things like broken or stuck windows, damaged doors, plumbing leaks or stopped up drains, and roof leaks. These are jobs that can’t be outsourced to foreign countries.

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